Israel's Story

IsraelGrandma-to-be Revonda expected her first grandchild to be a New Year’s baby, but Israel had other plans.  He arrived early – three and a half months early – and spent the first 201 days of his life in the NICU.  Grandma Revonda and parents Jirian and Brittany spent those 201 nights at our Ronald McDonald House so that they were never far from Israel. 

Israel’s condition was delicate and, at only one pound, he was small– very small.  While he gained weight and began to thrive, his family enjoyed warm, home-cooked meals, a private room, and all the comforts of home – including a laundry room.  Once Israel grew large enough to wear clothes, Revonda used our laundry facilities to wash and rewash his blankets, hats, and adorable outfits.  She often said that doing the laundry was her therapy, and she did lots of loads to make sure Israel was dressed in matching outfits and wrapped in cozy, clean blankets each day.  After six and a half long months and at least 750 loads of laundry, Israel’s family rang our Victory Bell and returned home.

Thanks to you, families like Israel’s get to stay close to their children. Your support and care make all the difference.