Bingo allows families to participate in an activity together that is easy, fun, and allows every family member the chance to be a winner.

It can be hard for parents to juggle spending time with a healthy sibling and worrying about their sick child in the Hospital.  Bingo is a good “time out” to just be together and play as a family. Families can relax together while winning baby care items, activities for hospitalized kids or siblings, and clothes and treats for caregivers.

Each week prizes are tailored to the families that are staying with us. If we have siblings that have been here a while and need new activities then we include craft projects or more complicated Lego sets to help keep them occupied.  We also think about the child in the hospital, allowing parents to win needed items such as diapers, or small gifts (which can be used as bribes for complying with treatment or taking medicine) that they can give while visiting their child.  Prizes also include jewelry, makeup, bath sets, hats, and sports themed gifts for moms and dads because they rarely have the time for themselves and need to be taken care of too!

Many times we discover that families who will be staying with us for weeks or months only have one set of clothes or no pajamas, so we include clothes, shoes, and socks for them to win. Around holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day Bingo prizes are especially nice because families will often use the prizes as gifts.


Child Playing Bingo
Bingo at Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem
Playing Bingo at Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem
Playing Bingo at Ronald McDonald House of Winston Salem
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